Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spirit Airline Can Be Very Good Option, for people on budget

Spirit Airline,  many of us turn our head way or make faces when we hear the name of these budget airline, and say things like I will ‘I will never fly’ and many other, but if you go to the Spirit airline boarding area the scene is completely different.  Since many of us are not use to paying fees on other airline we complain about Spirit charging fees. Like all other airline Spirit is in the business of making money, and the extra fee is where that gives them the profit margin. There are other budget airline in Europe and Asia that uses the same method of making money by charging fees.  I recently booked 3 one way tickets which included baggage fee from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi for only $148.00 on Air Asia. I was stunned.  So when flying on budget airline you have to understand and accept the fact that you’re paying for a Bus in the Air. Once you accept that the service or the fees will be more acceptable.  Please see the Example blow. I looked up a flight from DFW to TPA (Dallas TX to Tampa FL) it cost $ 58.99 for a non-stop flight. Now if you were to go on Greyhound bus it will cost you $89.00 for advance purchase and $204 for refundable fare, which will take 1day 7 hour to get to Tampa with 2 transfer. 
Greyhound price

Spirit Airline rate

Now which one would you take?

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